Student Life


Spiritual Formation

The campus events and programmes also provide opportunities to encourage and nurture spiritual growth. Regular morning prayers, daily chapel services and other events such as days of fasting prayer provide the context for well rounded spiritual growth. Every semester the days of spiritual emphasis bring the ministry of renown ministers that brings refreshing breaks in the routine. The mission conference is one of the high points of the campus life that opens the avenues for awareness, and encouragement. The mission expo encourages the students to consider cross-cultural and other ministry options. Pastoral Care Groups are an integral part of Spiritual Formation. Groups of students are assigned to individual members of the faculty. These become home away from home providing close supervision, pastoral care and fellowship nurturing spiritual formation of the students. Faculty advisors take time to work closely with the students both in academic as well as ministry formation also.

Extra-curricular Activities

In harmony with our emphasis on the whole person, the colleges provide opportunities for the development of the whole person. Students organise regular sporting events and activities. A multipurpose sports field, and a sports-room with the facility for indoor games provide for wholesome activities. Regular tournaments and the Annual Sports Day draw enthusiastic participation of the entire community, faculty, staff, students and children alike. The periodic socials and other functions enable the entire community to get-together for fellowship and recreation. Our unique community provides many opportunities within its multicultural setting for students to develop social skills and interpersonal relationships. The college also takes part in various activities organised by the Christian community of Bangalore. XLR8, a multi-faceted sporting arena that is located on campus provides access to students more opportunity to be involved in organised team games and other sporting and entertaining events.

Students Council

The Students Council is organised to provide opportunities for the development of student leadership. Every class elects a student representative to the council. The Student Council functions under the leadership of the Student Body President and Vice Presidents appointed by the Faculty. The Council functions under the guidance and supervision of the Director of Student Life and Ministry and the Chaplain. The Student Council along with the Events Co-ordinators and Prayer Co-ordinators, under the guidance of the Student Life officers, plan and execute events that promote community life and spiritual nurture of the students.