Programs Offered


Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) program is a professional degree intended for women and men who are actively engaged in full-time Christian ministry. The primary purpose of the program is to enhance the participants’ professional competence in the particular area of their gifts and calling. The program aims to be practical in nature while at the same time is committed to maintaining high academic standards and providing a sound biblical and theological base for the practice of ministry. The program seeks to integrate learning into the context of each participant’s ministry and is shaped to meet personal needs. This is offered as an in-service program for those who have completed the M.Div. degree and are in senior leadership positions. More

Master of Divinity

This is a three year programme for graduates of recognised universities. For individuals seeking the most comprehensive preparation offered at a masters-level, the M.Div. is generally the degree of choice. The overall program requires 116 credits (including 26 ministry internship credits). Students in the program benefit from extensive knowledge gained in theology, biblical languages and church history, as well as the Old and New Testaments. The Master of Divinity program is also designed to provide students with a significant number of elective courses that can be tailored (with approval) toward the specific interests and calling of each individual student. More

M.Div. Upgrade

This programme is offered to those who have completed their Bachelor of Theology from accredited by ATA/Serampore affliated institutions with a minimum of B average and would like to upgrade to the M.Div. degree for the specific purpose of ministerial advancement. This is a two year residential programme that requires 75 credits including 15 ministry internship credits. More

Master of Arts (New)

Master of Arts is a two–year post graduate degree residential programme designed for graduates of recognized universities. Bachelor of Theology graduates with at least B average (Second class) from accredited / affiliated institutions may also apply. The Master of Arts degree, prepares university graduates for specialized areas of ministry. Students, along with a comprehensive theological knowledge necessary for an effective ministry, will gain specific skills in their area of specialization.

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MA-ICS) (New)

MA-ICS prepares students for ministry or service in cross-cultural or multicultural contexts. Students will learn how to study and work in different cultures, and will become aware of theological, biblical, sociological and anthropological issues that relate to work in different contexts. This degree is intended for students with varied levels of exposure to and a desire for ministry in cross-cultural settings. It emphasizes both scholarship and praxis. MA-ICS students gain the foundational skills to pursue further studies or research opportunities, or to work in cross-cultural settings within the region and around the world.

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MA-CM) (New)

MA-CM program is designed to prepare students for the growing needs of ministry in the context of local churches and nurture specialized skills required in specific areas of ministry. Courses provide students with a well-rounded foundation in biblical and theological disciplines, while also preparing students for ministry within and alongside the church. Presently the students may choose any of the following concentrations or unique combinations:
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Children Ministry
  • Music and Worship Arts

Diploma in Christian Ministry (D.C.M.)

This is a one-year diploma programme designed for mature candidates above 25 years of age with reasonable proficiency in the English language, and have a minimum of five years of ministerial experience. University/pre-university graduates and those who have passed high school may also apply for this programme provided they fulfil the above mentioned requirements. The programme requires 47 credits including 12 ministry internship credits.